Shower Mixers: Major Brands And Types Of Mixers

Getting a warm shower after a very stressful day is the best solution to soothe you. You will agree that getting a shower head gives you the best feeling. Especially for those that have an adequate water flow, you can as well check out the shower mixer singapore.

Shower mixers are more modern in design than most showers.

Unlike other systems, a mixer shower uses both hot and cold water systems and delivers through the shower head.

They are designed in such a way that they can work with any plumbing system, however, the only issue is the amount of water it consumes.

shower mixer singapore

Compared to other showers,  the mixer shower is available in many attractive designs and the components used include bass components.

Brands of mixer showers include:

  • Tristan quadratic mixer
  • Grohe euphoria thermostat
  • Mira showers excel variable
  • Bristan zing cool touch bar
  • Hausbath thermostatic mixer shower
  • Soleperl thermostatic shower system

These are the brands of shower mixers that are well-known for their shower system.

There are different forms of these shower mixers, and they include:

  • The double-handle shower mixer. This shower mixer has two handles, one for cold and the other for hot water. It is not economical because it might take you a while to get the temperature you desire when having your bath.
  • The mechanical shower mixer. This mixer has a single control which can be used to regulate both cold and hot water. It also has a knob that can be used in regulating the flow and the water intensity. It is easy to handle but like the double-handle shower mixer, it will also take a while to get your desired water temperature.
  • The thermostatic mixing valve. This mixer, unlike the previous two, has double controls. One controls the flow of water while the other, the temperature. Your desired water temperature can be set and maintained such that it is shut off when a particular extent of temperature is reached. This allows for a limit on burning and the danger of burns, especially in children. Because of the anti-scalding system it has installed, it can be used with children too.

You should know to choose your shower mixer according to your budget. Always remember that the thermostatic mixing valve is more economical than the others. The only disadvantage it has is the amount of water it uses which is what you should note before installing them in your bathroom.