The Rise And Growth Of Cake Delivery Singapore


cake delivery singapore may sound like a western phenomenon, but the amount of growth in recent years of this particular niche business in India says otherwise. If we look purely at the statistics, the online cake delivery business has, on average, witnessed at least 12.5% of year on year growth. But if we take a look geographically, the numbers are far more dramatic. The rate of growth of this business may sound particularly astounding, as it is a part of the Food and Beverage Industry, which has more or less become stagnant in its growth, barring a few exceptions such as cloud kitchens.


As a concept, the online cake delivery business is so new that if you asked someone what it was, just a few years ago, they wouldn’t have a clue about what it was. This is because the advent of mobile phones as well as cheap and country wide distribution of the internet have largely laid the foundation of this business in India, along with several others just like it, such as online grocery delivery. But while this business has been fully functional in India for the past 10-15 years now, in its first years, it couldn’t even capture a fraction of the market share of the cake business. This was due to the sheer dominance of the offline cake business such as bakeries, cafes, and some luxury boutiques. But in recent years, this condition has been reversed as the online cake delivery business has captured the majority of the market share in India, while the bakeries and boutiques have also majorly transitioned online in order to save themselves from going out of business.

cake delivery singapore

Causes of its growth

The popularity of this business can largely be attributed to :-

  • Its accessibility, as anyone who wants a cake may not have a bakery nearby, but everyone has a smartphone to order it online.
  • Its flexibility, as people can also order custom cakes, with designs and customizations of their choice, and get it conveniently delivered to their doorstep. One can even order a cake for a loved one in India, even while sitting in the US!
  • Another major cause is the Pandemic, in which people preferred contactless delivery of goods, which only online delivery platforms provided.

To put it simply, the digital revolution across the globe, ever changing customer demands and wants, and the widespread availability of smartphones and the internet, have made the online cake delivery business what it is today.