Reasons Why Direct Mail Outperforms Email Marketing

Why waste money on direct mail advertising that no one reads when you can reach out to your clients through the channels they prefer, such as television, social media, and mobile, argue proponents of digital media?

However, the most recent statistics support the use of printed direct mail. Social media and mobile marketing are, without a doubt, on the rise. That isn’t to say that customers aren’t reacting to direct mail or that the medium isn’t still effective. That is simply untrue. Direct mail, in fact, is still an important element of the mix. So, the next time somebody tells you that direct mail is dead, keep this in mind:

Opt-in is not required for direct mail

Direct mail, unlike email and text messaging, does not require the recipient’s permission. This implies you can still contact a consumer even if they don’t subscribe or unsubscribe from your email list. That’s why getting physical addresses from folks on your email lists is always a good idea. Check out direct mail printing near me.

Certain offers will just not get traction through email marketing

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There’s a reason why businesses prefer to get credit offers in the mail rather than over email. Direct mail is preferred by B2B decision-makers over email, especially for high-value items and services. Mailers can also incorporate a range of trust-building content that would be impossible or impractical to put in an email message. Yes, you are permitted to provide hyperlinks. Direct mail, on the other hand, puts that information next to them in a concrete way straight away.

High-level decision-makers can be reached by direct mail

There are so many ways to make an email appear more essential. However, aside from crafting an interesting subject line, most of them appear to be cheesy. Kits, dimensional mail, and innovative packaging alternatives are all examples of direct mail options that, by their very nature, get past the gatekeepers. While these mailings may be more expensive, they can also achieve near-perfect open rates. That counts for a lot when you’re attempting to get into the C-Suite.

To suggest you just need social and mobile is like to say you only need the upper levels of a home and not the base. Obtaining mobile and social engagements is significantly more difficult without paper. Allowing digital marketers to steal your clients based on misleading contrasts is not acceptable. Start a conversation on the advantages of direct mail versus email, as well as when to use both. Be creative and let direct mail show off your abilities.