Most common applications of linear cameras

If your company is glancing for the greatly influential linear cameras in market it has everything you expect. If you want to expand cameras on sorting cords, integrate barcode capture functionality on conveyors or automate the distribution model, linear cameras are the ideal choice for a wide range of applications Click here to find out more high speed camera in Malaysia.

Linear cameras are the most complete solution for shipping and receiving goods, to manage production progress (WIP), for traceability and packaging operations. Among the most common applications that require the use of linear cameras are:

Mail and courier parcel sorting

Packages of different shapes and sizes require quick identification and correct sorting. From the point of collection to the final destination, it is important to be sure that all items are delivered accurately and efficiently. The linear cameras guarantee product recognition, even in the presence of somewhat harmed or badly applied tags. Confirmation against consumer databases enables guarantee that the due cartons are sent to the correct destination, with real-time tracking in case of errors.

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Weight & Scan (DWS) systems that can measure the dimensions and weight of the product / package directly as the package passes under the scan point can be created. The solution integrates barcode, weight and size data into a single message that can be used for sorting and checking the package.

Reverse logistic

Visibility along the entire supply chain is required in the transport and logistics sector. Our linear cameras work with your business systems, such as WMS, also to manage return processes. Returned items are rapidly observed, refined as consumer recoveries, put back into inventory as surplus inventory, or for refurbishment or scrapping.


Character Recognition Our cameras always capture good quality pictures of each article at high momentum and are willing for design with OCR. The unlocking of additional features such as OCRand Analytics takes place through collaboration with reference companions in the industrial demand.

Hazardous Material Label Recognition

Using high-resolution images, machine vision pattern recognition algorithms can easily identify logos, graphics, warning labels or special symbols on packaging. Customizing delivery for specific end users or identifying dangerous content allows you to manage operations on the move at high speed, without compromising performance.

Great reading performance

You won’t be disappointed even with the fastest and most demanding applications where time is money. The new generation autofocus system ensures the reading of every single barcode.