Do you want to make your bath secure and clean?

The bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in your house, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to decorate. Shower curtains are really useful in everyday life. They are used to prevent water flowing from the bathroom into the living room. And they are also useful for adding additional privacy while showering. They are used to keep your bathroom decorated. RUFINO DIAZ is a company that produces cortinas para baño to make your bathroom neat and secure.

How to choose a curtain to make your bathroom prettier?

  • shower curtain fabric
  • The curtain size
  • Curtain style

It is an essential thing in every bathroom, when you decide to buy a curtain there are several matters to be considered. It includes the material of the curtains; they should be water-proof; and the styles that you choose must suit your house decoration. It is available in a number of materials. The material you select will result in your bathroom decoration and overall house decoration.

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It is not only for covering your bathroom and decorating; it is also to keep you from getting messy on the floor. It is used for safety reasons and to provide privacy while showering. You must know how to hang the curtain in the bathroom because it includes the decor areas. The curtain is the final stage of the interior decoration of your house. That makes your house more beautiful from the inside.

Ways to hang your curtain

Choose the material that will improve your curtains’ design and match your house decoration perfectly. If the curtain is extra-long, then hang the curtain from the ceiling to manage the extra height. Install a tieback, which is used to keep your bathroom curtain half open when the bathroom is not in use. Use the materials easily available in the house to hang the curtain on the wall.

The important thing that should be remembered before hanging curtains is that the curtain should be hanging three to five inches above the floor. It should not touch the floor. The floor and curtain must have at least a 2 inch gap. Some curtains are designed to be placed outside the bathroom. A few types of curtains are designed to be placed inside the curtain.

Some people have custom showers which they may not find certain for their shower. RUFINO DIAZ supplies customised cortinas para baño as per your requirements for your bathroom.