Are Pendant Lighting & Hanging Lights The Same?

What’s pendant lighting?

A pendant lighting is a light attachment that is fixed to the ceiling, and from there, it swings on either a rod, chain or even multiple chains. It’s more or less like a pendant on a necklace that swings on a chain and, therefore, the name.

Difference between a chandelier & a pendant light

The primary difference is that a chandelier has numerous bulbs fixed into a single installation while a light bulb only has a single bulb fixed into it.

Where can be a pendant light used?

Pendant lights are used in several ways; they can be fixed anywhere from our drawing rooms to staircases to bedrooms. Their purpose is to brighten up dim hallways, to point out specific areas like a wall crowded with family pictures or a famous painting.

Difference between a pendant & a hanging light

pendant lighting

Well, most pendant lights are considered the same as hanging lights, but not vice versa, a pendant light is fixed to the ceiling, and from there, it hangs on either a rod, chain, or even chains in some cases, plus it’s a single bulb as far as pendant lights are concerned, there cannot be any more than that. And most importantly, it’s how they emphasize specific points, they can be installed anywhere where it’s a little dim, or when you want to highlight a specific portion of your home and that’s how it’s different from a hanging light.

Pluses of pendant lights

Some lighting installations are very set in their ways, however, these are more convenient from the installation point of view. The height where you think it should be fixed, it would be fixed without any hassles, adaptability is one of its major attractions.

Another attraction with pendant lighting is, that they don’t block spaces at all, their placement is always on the ceiling from there they hang on either a rope or chain. Therefore they would not interfere with anything that’s there already, if you want to have it placed in the drawing-room, it would be there hanging from the ceiling, enhancing the beauty of your drawing room without interfering with any of its contents.

You would not need to spend a huge sum of money if you are attracted to pendant lighting, they are a plethora of them from the most basic ones to something insanely expensive, however, they both would serve the same purpose, which is beautifying your personal space in a way that draws everyone’s attention.


There are many pluses of having pendant lights, but you also need to know that these are not anything close to task lights, these are primarily used to make certain portions more prominent nonetheless.