Types of sscrubbers and cleaners used

In this article we talk about a new type of appliance that is gaining more and more success. In Italy it is still not very widespread, but it is gaining ground thanks to the ever lighter and more efficient models. The topic we have decided to talk about is floor cleaning machines , for the daily cleaning of the domestic house designed, in fact, to vacuum and wash floors and in some cases, even dry them: scrubbing machines. On the market there are different systems where, unlike other sectors of household appliances where the various brands are all very similar, in this case there are really different approaches. For this we will analyze the most popular scrubbers, highlighting the pros and cons and trying to identify the best scrubber dryer of each type , and for every need commercial carpet cleaning service in Delaware.

Types of scrubber dryers: let’s be clear We have ordered the various categories in ascending order of complexity and, consequently, of efficiency and price. To these we add the “robots”, of which we mention something at the bottom. As a guideline, we can divide the scrubbers into the following categories: Complete scrubbing machines (rollers, washing and suction of dust and dirty water) Electric mop (roller only) Manual “wet cloth” scrubber Steam mops Warm cloth systems Industrial floor washers Floor cleaning robot

Wired or wireless? Now many models are offered with battery, others have the double choice. As more and more battery-only models are coming out, we are going to analyze them all together.

The best scrubbers according to Okspot Let’s start our analysis with the “real” floor cleaning machines. At Okspot we define “real” those scrubbers that use a principle of operation with water, rollers and collection of dirty water: for this reason they are also called scrubbing machines . This is how industrial systems work, and the best appliances now on the market for home use always work like this. The challenge was being able to contain the weight and dimensions of tools that were traditionally very bulky and difficult to use. The thing is largely successful, given that today’s scrubbing machines are little larger than a vacuum cleaner , and make up for the weight, a bit high, with good ergonomics. The principle, as mentioned, uses rollers wet with soapy water coming from the special tank: the rollers rotate quickly and wash very energetically; dirty water is collected by the suction system and stored in another tank.

The suction function can be used both “dry” and together with washing, in order to do everything with a single pass, but we tell you right away that it is generally preferable to vacuum at least the bulk of the dirt with a good dedicated vacuum cleaner, and in any case they are not a good replacement for a vacuum cleaner .